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“Dr_Brachenbury is a man who knows too much of Everything and not enough of nothing.” - Dr_Brachenbury.

“He must be stopped!” – Dr_Brachenbury 08/15/2097

A philanthropist, scientist, evil scientist, Detroit Tiger’s fan, dog lover, part time poet, Orange crush enthusiast, amateur surgeon, Aero-Nautical engineer, weekend heroin user, Time Traveler, civil war buff, International undiscovered treasure and father of seven… maybe eight.

This man who has seen and done it all with only one eye and one hand presents you with his collection of the Forgotten Quotes of Our Time. Without the use of research Dr_Brachenbury has successfully discovered and preserved some of the rarest quotes and anecdotes known to man and nature. It is as his request that the humans of earth begin to understand, learn and love the great work he has done. Feel free to adore him at your own pace and leisure.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thatcher and Ted Hughes Read Anne Landers

“Use milk instead of water, and double the cocoa powder - trust me... That’ll get rid of the blacks.” - Margaret Thatcher

“Fuck em’ young blood should have kept their mouths shut, don’t do nuttin’ unless you ready to be sumtin!” - Anne Landers to Reader’s Digest Editor Carrol Winters. August 1975 at Lake Tahoe. 3pm. Six Bellinis Deep.

“You can hiss all you want from in there, I’m not coming in that kitchen.” – Ted Hughes

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